WORLD DEFENCE SYSTEMS, an independent publication of the Centre for Defence Studies at King’s College London, has become the leading international defence publication for senior defence procurement personnel, policy-makers and analysts throughout the world.

WORLD DEFENCE SYSTEMS combines detailed coverage of the latest developments in defence equipment, systems and products with in-depth analysis of national and international security and defence issues.

This makes WORLD DEFENCE SYSTEMS one of the most distinguished and valuable defence reviews in the international market, providing senior defence industry executives and senior policy makers alike, with a comprehensive and accurate basis on which to make informed decisions on procurement and policy.

In the context of vigorous debate on international security challenges and responses, and with public security fears and expectations at their height, considerable sums have been budgeted for the purchase of new and sophisticated defence equipment by the United States, Europe and most other countries.

Projects such as the European Union’s acquisition of a military capability have a new air of urgency about them, and are critically dependent for their success on the quality and delivery of defence spending decisions. More than ever before, the major purchasing decisions of key defence executives and policy-makers worldwide must be informed by specialist knowledge and by a clear understanding of the latest information on strategic, political and technological developments.

Centre for Defence Studies

The Centre for Defence Studies (CDS) was established at King’s College London in 1990, initially with a core grant from the UK Ministry of Defence.

The primary mission of the CDS is to engage in research at the highest level on British, European and international defence and security issues; to promote interdisciplinary approaches to security and defence policy research; to distribute research and expertise through formal academic channels; to work with UK and other governments, international organizations and the commercial sector; and to maintain a high public profile by interacting with the media. The CDS has an international staff of academic policy researchers, practitioners, associates and visiting fellows.

Distribution and Readership

World Defence Systems is distributed to 5,000 key decision makers worldwide in print and digital
formats. The book is distributed to the MOD’s, Defence
Procurement Agencies, Individual Armed Forces,
Prime Contractors and the Sub-Contractors globally.